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Ginger Benefits

Scientific name: Zingiber Officinale Rose

Family: Zingiberaceae

  1. Treat loss of appetite:

Peel the skin of ginger and cut into pieces, mix it with Pure Honey and leave the mixture.  Eating two pieces of ginger soaked in honey after the meal gives you the best cure for loss of appetite.

2. Indigestion in children:

For Indigestion in kids, Take the juice of ginger and apply it (outer surface) over the navel area and massage it in round direction.

3. Cures stomach pain

Extract the juice from ginger and mix it with One teaspoon of Honey.  Drinking this medicine for about 2 or 3 days continuously for 3 times/ each day gives the best cure.

4. Home remedies for cough and cold

As we all know ginger acts as the best home remedies for cold.  Extract the Juice from Ginger.  Mix one spoon of Ginger Juice with One Spoon of honey and drink thrice a day, follow this method for about 7 days for complete cure.

5. Everlasting Youth

Peel the skin of ginger cut it into small pieces.  Soak the pieces in a Jar of Honey for about 48 hours. Add a habit of eating that Honey Soaked Ginger in your Daily life.  It keeps you away from getting old, grey hair and wrinkles.  The mix also gives you glowing skin.  To get a complete benefit to eat the mixture daily.

6. Cures headache

Dry the Ginger and Grind them down to powder.  Mix Half Teaspoon of powder with some water and heat until it becomes like a paste.  Apply the paste in the pain area and spread it.

7. Nausea cure

Take the juice from Ginger and Onion in the measure of One teaspoon and mix it with Honey.  Have this mixture to get the best cure from Nausea.

8. Cleansing excess pitta from the body

Many people questions are How to reduce pitta immediately…That’s very simple and effective when Ginger plays a role in it.  Mix the Ginger Juice and Milk in the ratio of 10:7 and mix Sugar Candy (Karkandu) in it.  Heat it and make it in syrup form.  Drink this syrup in measure of half a cup.

9. Permanent cure for diabetes

Having Ginger Juice along with little sugar candy can cure Diabetes completely.  Consult your doctor Before following this Method.

10. Chronic cough treatment

Mix the Ginger Juice, Pomegranate flower Juice and Honey in equal proportion.  Intake of this mixture thrice daily in measure of 35ml can cure the cough.

11. Persistent cough remedy

Mix the Ginger Juice, Onion Juice and Lemon Juice in equal Proportion.  Intake of this Herbal medicine in measure of 34ml each time gives the best cure for Persistent Cough.

12. Cure for Fever

Ginger is the best cure for Fever. Instead of having ginger juice you can make it as tea and have ginger tea. Ginger is the Best way to reduce Fever.

13.Cure for diarrhea

Grind Ginger and Jaggery into powder.  Make them into small balls, regular intake of this medicine stops diarrhea and maintains the health of the Digestive system.

14. Cure for Asthma

Take 10gm of Ginger, 3gm of Vellarukampu, 6 pepper and Grind them.  Heat this mixture in a ½ liter of water until the water turns down to ¼ liter.  Intake of this drink both morning and evening continuously result in a permanent cure for Asthma.

15. Benefits of Ginger Candy

Have a pack of Ginger candy with you always.  That relieves many problems like lack of appetite, vomiting, chest mucus etc.

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