Benefits of Neem | 23 Herbal values of Neem

Benefits of neem tree
  1. Medicine for stomach worms

Dry the Neem leaves and grind them down to powder.  Mix One teaspoon of Neem powder with hot water or milk, twice a day (i.e.) Morning and Evening.  This cleanse out the toxic content in the stomach.

2. Cure for Skin Disease

Neem oil for skin is the best choice for curing many Skin related Problems.

3. How to reduce pitta from head

Make a soup (Rasam) with the neem sticks and Neem Flower.  Weekly once intake off this medicine relieves you from pitta problem.

4. Toothache medicine

Take a small piece of Neem bark and boil it in Two glass of Water.  Filter the settled part and do a mouth wash with that warm water.

5. Neem oil for Hair

Apply Neem oil regularly to your hair and in the result to you can control Hair, Lice in Hair, Dandruff in hair, Grey hair in a young stage.

6. Itching treatment

Grind the leaves of neem and make it into paste form.  Apply the paste in the affected area in night and leave the paste all over the night and wash it in the morning.  Or you can also burn the bark of neem and mix it with Coconut oil, and you can apply it both in morning and evening until the Wound gets cured.

7. How to boost immune system naturally

Daily intake of about 10 neem leaves boost your immunity and saves you from many diseases.  Continue this process for four weeks to get the best results.

8. Irregular periods home remedy

Take a small piece of Neem Bark and heat with hot water, drinking a glass of this soup thrice a day until you get a normal period is the best home remedy for the irregular period.

9. Fever treatment at home

Make a soup by heating the small piece of bark, drinking a small cup of thrice a day for about 3 days helps you to get cured of Fever.

10. Chicken pox cure

Grind Turmeric, Scutch grass, Raw rice, Green gram along with Neem and make it in the form of a paste.  Regular usage of this paste during bath helps you to cure chicken pox.

11. Lice Treatment / Dandruff Treatment

Put some neem leaf in bathing tub and fill it with hot water.  Wait until the water turns to green colour and after the water gets cooled, have a bath with Herbal hair wash power (shikakai – Acacia Concinna).  Shikakai acts as as a Best dandruff shampoo. 

Or else you can also use Paste of neem flower as a hair mask.  Apply the mask in roots and in all strands of hair.  Leave it for about 15 minutes and wash your hair Herbal Hair wash powder.

12. Cold treatment

Adding Neem flower regularly to your side dishes like Tuvayal, chutney or soup you can get rid of Cold quickly.

13. Pimple treatment

                Make a paste of Neem leaves, turmeric, and Castor seeds by adding few drops of water.  Apply it to your body which has pimple marks.  It also helps in preventing new pimples.  It can be used throughout the body where it has dark spots.

14. To reduce swelling

Make a neem paste by grinding neem leaves and water.  Heat the paste lightly and apply it on the Swelling area.

15. Wound healing ointment

Soak neem leaves in hot water and wash the wound with that water for quick healing of the wound.

16. Belching cure

Roast some old (Stored) Neem flower in ghee, after roasting lightly add salt, heated tamarind, roasted chilly, curry leaves and make it as a paste and add with your food.

17. Stomach Ulcer diet

Heat water along with neem flower, until the water gets reduced (i.e) well-boiled stage.  Drinking 100 ml daily morning gives you a cure for stomach ulcer diet.

18. Canker sore on tongue / tongue blisters

Heat Toor Dall and make it as soup, and add the neem flower powder (after roasting it grind it into powder).  Intake of this soup twice a day helps you to cure all wounds related to the tongue.

19.Strength training

Dry the neem fruits (ignore the seeds) make it as powder.  Eating two teaspoon measure of this powder gives your body huge strength.  Add this Energy powder in your strength training routine to get the best results naturally.

20. Scar removal cream

Mix Turmeric with Neem oil and make it in the form of cream.  Applying it on the scars regularly helps you to get rid of it quickly.

21. Headache remedies homemade

Heat the neem cakes and smell it, after some count of sneeze you will get rid of a headache.

22. Malaria treatment and prevention

Take Neem bark and long pepper in the ratio of 1: 2, add some pepper and Nilavembu Sooranam in it and make it as Brew (Kasayam) .  Drink this medicine twice a day for the cure of malaria.

23. Syphilis prevention / Cure

Take the Neem Resin and dry it make it a sooranam, eating one teaspoon per day, Syphilis get cured.

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