Everyone wants to be a fitness freak. But all are not ready to help your body to look fit. Here, some of healthy tips to be a fitness freak.

anytime fitness
anytime fitness
  • Exercise at least one hour a day
  • Drink water according to your height and weight because too much of anything is not good it might lead to weight loss
  • Eat healthy and fat-free foods. Mainly think yourself as your going to compete for fitness freak competition…lol. Most importantly avoid roadside foods and fast foods. If you are more fond of them have little and not more than that
  • Whatever you do our thoughts has much power. POSITIVITY is a powerful word. Encourage yourself that you are going to reach your fitness goal soon
  • Monitor your calorie intake scale. Be calculative in food like how much you eat
  • Promise yourself to get enough sleep
  • Stay away from stress, the best way is to have some stressbusters