Weight Loss Diet

How to Loss weight in 7 Days

Whether it is fat or thin, the real beauty is the way how they treat people, that is their internal beauty. But However we speak all those philosophies…the first thing we get attracted is with the fitness of the person.

Though being fit helps you to be an attractive person it also helps you to stay away from high cholesterol and heart-related problems. Everyone wants to be fit but no one is ready to follow the proper diet. If you want to get something must work for it. That’s not much big thing Lol…Here are some simple diet tips, by following that you can reduce your weight. You don’t want to do fasting and all, the main thing is people think that empty stomach leads to loss of fat but it increases the gas in your body and which gives you opposite results…still fat body, so better avoid that.

  1. Avoid Junk Food
Avoid junk food
Avoid junk food

What is Junk food? The Non-processed and pre-packed foods are said to be junk foods. Those are made of unhealthy oils that may result in many health issues including Weight gain. So if you are in a weight loss diet, the first thing you need to do is Say no to JUNK FOOD EFFECTS. It also leads to major problems like cancer, non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases.

Lack of fiber in junk food leads to constipation. Also, fast food narrow your arteries that leads to blood pressure. You may think that what this single pack of snack is going to do us. But what I mentioned above is only half of the side effect. So better avoid obese causing junk food.

2. Drink more Water

drink water to loss weight
drink water to loss weight

Drinking water early in the morning helps in increasing your metabolism rate, and also it cleans your intestine and flushes out the toxins. If you are in Weight loss diet, then water intake is one of the simplest methods. Increase the water consumption, you can alter the liters count according to your weight loss goal you want to achieve.

It burns the extra fat and makes your body more active and induces you to do more work by keeping your brain more active.

3. Exercise

do exercises for weight loss
do exercises for weight loss

Exercise to reduce weight, The best way to burn fat and improve your appearance. You can do new year resolutions like Joining Gym, but how many of we really complete the task properly. The resolution goes on…and the end there will no solution…lol.

Someone will be saying that am going to the gym regularly but I couldn’t reach the goal I fixed. That’s because you can do stay active inside the gym, but the matter you need to be active outside the gym too. Doing exercise and not following improper diet then that obviously leads to improper results.

The main thing is, when you start doing your own work instead of ordering others there will be some change when you try to be active for the whole day that keeps on adding up and at the end of the month you feel the difference…always remember small drop maketh an ocean.

4. Monitor your Calorie Intake

avoid calorie rice food
avoid calorie rice food

Count how many times you eat in a day. Even it may be snack keep an eye on your calorie limit. It is best to ignore having snacks between your meals, cut out your snack and having only meal is the best idea. Take a oath to eat lot of vegetables and less rice…lol.

You can eat meat but that should be low-fat proteins like fish and chicken. Avoid milkshake and drink a lot of water. Use a food calorie calculator to measure how many calories you actually intake in your daily diet.

5. Honey with Hot water

honey with lemon water to reduce weight
honey with lemon water to reduce weight

Mix Honey with warm water and add some lemon to flavor it. Drinking this mixing in the early morning as soon as you wake up, gives you a lot of change within a week.

Honey is an anti-oxidant that helps you to stay young and fit. The lemon in it helps to cleanse your body. The warm water burns the unwanted fat which results in a reduction in weight.

6. Eliminate Stress

eliminate stress
eliminate stress

Somebody get lean with stress but to the opposite some gain weight with stress. Stay away from people who cause stress that is much better than staying away from stress. Because you cut out the source who cause the stress.

Divert yourself by doing other things and not thinking of the same past. Everyone has flaws in their life, there is not one in this world without problems. It only matters that how we see the problems. Concentrate on solution rather than thinking of the same problem.

Do Yoga, hear some soft music try to come out of your circle and enjoy with people who care about your happiness.

7. Have proper Sleep/ Don’t Oversleep

don't Oversleep
don’t Oversleep

Having less sleep leads to many problems. Same time, too much of sleep is also bad for health. When you sleep too much, the result is obesity. Mainly don’t sleep after your meal. You can have your nap during the day but not immediately after the meal, stay active for at least 2 hours after a meal.

Sleeping during day time is good for your brain. But not more than 20 minutes. Taking nap for 5 minutes between every half hour is best for your brain to recollect energy to work. Follow this nap technique to work actively for the whole and to be fit and healthy in your life.